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TRI-K Industries Inc. is pleased to announce its recent appointment as the exclusive representative in the USA and Canada for Miwon Commercial Co, Ltd.’s line of cosmetic peptides.  The collaboration between Miwon and TRI-K is a perfect synergy, as Miwon’s line of scientifically advanced actives is a natural complement to TRI-K’s existing portfolio. 

In recent years, the cosmetic industry has embraced peptides as actives that continue to push the boundaries of science.  After years of research, Miwon has developed eight peptides, collected under the DermaPep™ brand, that address numerous skin care concerns including anti-aging, anti-inflammation, self-tanning and skin whitening.  All eight DermaPep™ peptides include in-depth in vivo and in vitro studies that prove the effectiveness of each active.  DermaPep™ peptides are defined as biologically active peptide lines which can provide solutions to customer’s specific cosmetic needs. 

TRI-K Industries can create a brilliant new solution for you through any of these eight unique cosmetic actives.


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