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Mibelle Biochemistry Presents PhytoCellTec™ at Rio+20 Conference

Mibelle Biochemistry was chosen to present its PhytoCellTec™ (plant stem cell) technology at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 20-22, 2012. The Rio+20 Conference had participants from governments, the private sector and other groups come together to discuss environmental protection and sustainable development.

Sustainable development is defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. Using PhytoCellTec™ technology, plant stem cells can be cultivated using bioreactors to achieve large scale production. Only a very small amount of plant material is needed to produce large quantities of high-quality active ingredients, thus defining PhytoCellTec™ as highly sustainable.

Researchers at Mibelle Biochemistry have developed four unique ingredients under the PhytoCellTec™ line, which include Malus Domestica, Solar Vitis, Alpine Rose and Argan.  These ingredients use plant stem cells to help vitalize and protect human skin stem cells.  They have been touted as an eco-breakthrough in natural cosmetic ingredients.  Plant stem cell products are gaining in popularity so much that Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Helen Mirren have all used products containing PhytoCellTec™ active ingredients.

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