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New Hair Color Retention Solution from TRI-K

Increasing consumer demands for effective and long-lasting solutions have significantly complicated both the science and the art involved in developing finished products for hair color retention.  Whether subtly masking grays or completely changing their look, modern consumers expect their color to last.  Yet in reality, frequent shampooing coupled with UV exposure cause the color to fade and hair to lose its vibrancy and shine much sooner than desired. 

Through advancements in protein chemistry, TRI-K has pioneered new technology that effectively retains hair color through a natural and sustainable platform.  Quinoa Pro EX (INCI: Hydrolyzed Quinoa) is a hydrolyzed protein that penetrates the hair shaft to prevent damage, while adding control and manageability.  Quinoa is also considered a complete protein with all eight essential amino acids.  In addition, this botanically derived ingredient is paraben-free and gluten-free, making it ideal for natural and mild formulations.  

In a series of experiments involving leading hair dye brands, Quinoa Pro EX showed consistent improvement in hair color retention.  Using applications ranging from hair dyes, shampoos and conditioners, this novel ingredient showed meaningful results.   

Quinoa Pro EX provides formulators’ a solution to create a product with multiple benefits that will enhance and retain hair color longer, while providing additional features such as damage repair, nourishment and protection to the hair shaft.  With our disciplined approach, we have created a brilliant product that will provide the answers to your unmet hair care needs and deliver measured results!   

About TRI-K Industries, Inc.

Since 1974, TRI-K Industries has been bringing innovative concepts and products to life for the cosmetics industry. We work closely with our customers to invent, formulate and test new cosmetic ingredients and keep our relationships strong with excellent customer service and in-depth technical support.  Together with our strategic partners and in-house development team, we are continually upgrading our product range to provide you with a consistent competitive advantage.

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