TRI-K launches new skin care solution for immediate wrinkle reduction – Fision™ Instant Lift

Denville, NJ. October 12, 2015 – In today’s society, instant gratification and social media go hand in hand.  The modern consumer’s desire for flawless skin, instant beauty and a photo-ready face leaves shoppers looking for products that will provide visible results in a matter of minutes.  TRI-K has developed a natural, non-GMO solution that instantly improves skin firmness, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and immediately revitalizes for younger looking skin, perfect for a night of fun, friends and selfies.  Introducing Fision™ Instant Lift, an optimized solution to tighten, firm and revitalize skin.  #NoFilter #NoMakeupMakeup

This easy to use solution creates a light-weight, uniform film that tightens as water evaporates to lift the skin.  The combination of proteins and polysaccharides that make up this product form a substantive and cohesive film on the skin.  Image analysis reveals striking reductions in wrinkle depth and improvements in elasticity.  In a consumer study, Fision™ Instant Lift decreased the time it took for skin to recover after stretching by 25% after 1 hour, compared to the placebo, leaving skin instantaneously more resilient.  Consumer evaluations confirm that after only one application, Fision™ Instant Lift leaves skin firmer, younger looking and more radiant than both the placebo and baseline.  Whether looking to create impeccably smooth skin for a photo-shopped appearance or use as an everyday primer, Fision™ Instant Lift delivers on demand firming for a photo-ready face.

About TRI-K Industries, Inc.

Since 1974, TRI-K Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of specialty ingredients, bringing innovative concepts and products to life for the cosmetics industry.  TRI-K strives to keep ahead of the curve with a specialization in cosmetic proteins, natural actives and multi-functional peptides.  TRI-K has a global presence with sales offices and partners around the world.  At TRI-K, we combine an awareness of consumer trends with innovative technologies to maintain our superior offering in the industry.  Our in-house development team is constantly pioneering the discovery of new materials, resulting in enhanced consumer benefits to provide you with a consistent competitive advantage.

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